Colin Watts
Sports Massage Therapy

Welcome to Colin Watts Sports Massage:

I can help you to regain pain free and easy movement after a sporting or other injury and relieve tight and aching muscles caused by the stress and strain of normal life.

Helping with:

Painful sports injury

Have you strained a muscle or suffered an sporting injury that has resulted in painful or restricted movement?

Neck or Back

Are you suffering from a stiff neck or lower back from your working posture or sleeping position?

Muscle Aches, Tension and Recovery

Do you feel stressed or tense? Are you recovering from an injury or operation? Do you have any niggling twinges, aches or pains?



"I had not realised how bad my shoulder was until a couple of sessions with Colin had it sorted out"


"It's great having full shoulder movement back, I am thinking of taking up hockey again"


"My shoulder ached for a couple of days after the massage but is now much improved, he hit the spot"